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Painless Packing—3 Breezy Travel Tips

There is something to this less is more theory I have been talking about for years.

Traveling with less is fantastic; the opposite of what you might have been led to believe.

Things like:

  • I might not have enough

  • This outfit is so cute, oh and this one and this…I must pack them all

  • It might be too hot, too cold, too…

  • Someone will know I wore the same jeans or shoes or...

Stop the craziness. Break free from what is holding you back and causing the pain in the packing process.

  • Anxiety & Worry

  • Stress

  • Over packing

  • Under packing

  • Sweat

  • Fear of being judged or not accepted

  • Comparison

I am here to tell you that it is very freeing and liberating to give yourself permission to let go. Stop all the fuss. Let go of comparing yourself. Let go of the fears of not being good enough. Stop worrying.

This, coming from the girl that used to bring a carry-on with jewelry only. Yes, that is right. It was for a cruise…or was it the Mayan Riviera. Anyway, between my girlfriend and I we had a full 9x14x22” standard size piece of luggage full of jewelry. It wasn’t long and many gals from our group on the incentive trip got wind of this and came to our room to borrow pieces. It was fun.

Okay fun. But there comes a time when you need to decide you don’t have to pack for everyone else on the cruise ship. And you don’t have to pack as if you are going on 3 trips.