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5 ways to Get Unstuck

One thing I’ve learned as I have coached gals dealing with buried treasures is that most times there is shame attached. It’s hard being real because we don’t want others to know. I get it. I have been keeping my scrapbooking area from my viewers for over 3 years!

So let's all learn from Amy's challenges and the challenges of many others. Even though it can be difficult to be so forthcoming with what I would categorize as failure or gluttony or flat out sin (I’m talking about myself here but it may resonate with you), I am here to tell you that it seems we all benefit when we just share the ugly truth.

However, it might be easier sharing with someone who gets it and won’t judge, than to send it out over the worldwide web! This is why I respect confidentiality with my clients. It’s also why I don’t expect my virtual group participants to share on video or even show up on live video (like the Jetsons—yep, that dates me) only audio if they prefer. Sharing of before and after pictures is also by choice and name can remain anonymous. Hey, we’re all in this together. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their underwear drawer!

Are you stuck in closet clutter or any other areas of your home or office?

The following are some tidbits I took from my blog written 2 years ago: I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a fascinating photo of a simple, clean, and cute closet. Dallas moms blog advocates for maintaining a 37 piece wardrobe: 15 tops, 9 bottoms, 9 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, and 2 jackets. Check out this blog.

I thought okay, let's ponder this idea. So I went to my closet to count my jackets. 16 jackets. 16 jackets. Are you kidding me? And I am supposed to go down to 2? Who's idea was this anyway? I was even attempted to share the totals and mix around quantities: “Maybe I could do 11 tops and move 4 items to the jacket category. Perhaps, fewer pairs of shoes=more jackets saved. Oh my, stop the insanity! I am stuck in the details of trying to make my life simpler. This is what I came up with...

5 Ways to Get Unstuck

1. Quit comparing yourself to others…especially when they live in an entirely different area of the country or world.

  • Climate must be taken into consideration when purging your closet and deciding what to kee

  • Use others' suggestions as a guide, not a rule.

2. Give yourself permission to purge items to another room, temporarily.

  • Be ruthless and just pull out items that you could do with out for the next 2 weeks or 2 months and put in another area. As I did this, I found things I could definitely donate. (I also tried this with some of my husband’s just to see if he noticed and/or missed anything...remember, I kept everything, just moved it out. And I can tell you 2 years later…he didn’t miss a single one and they have since gone on to recycling.)

  • Work with what is left and have fun creating looks.

  • Benefit: leaves room in your operating closet to see what you have.

3. Move to another area of the house.

  • Great advice from a friend. Quit messing with that closet. "Close the door." ~ Barb Gens

  • Opportunity to deal with a dresser/buffet for the first time in 5 years!

4. Go outside

  • Walk around. Work on anything other than de-cluttering.

5. Read a book.

  • Or don't do anything at all! Give yourself a break and relax.

So, what is your goal?

Is it To:

Find things easily?

Make a sandwich without having to clear counter space?

Spend less time moving your stuff around or cleaning it or dusting it or organizing it?

Freedom to do things you enjoy?

Spend some time on this. Visualize what you want your space to look like. What you want your mornings to look like? Evenings? Find some images online. Print them out and hang them up.

And if you are not sure where to start…message me. I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to serve women (and men) in this capacity. I just said out loud to myself this morning, "I love my job!"

Remember there is no shame. Only support. Let’s knock this thing out together. One doable chunk at a time.



P.S. Find me on Facebook, business page

P.S.S. I'm here for you with any level of involvement that you would like. From Painless Packing free download to weekly coaching calls; it's up to you when you are ready to start. I recommend seizing the opportunity now. Like my son said to me..."You've talked about [it] for so long, why don't you just do it!" :-)

P.S.S.S. Stay tuned for the launch of my new book...waiting for printing and delivery. It will be available from me, at boutiques, and also on Amazon. The boutique version and the one I will have on hand is made thicker and with spiral binding as part of the book has journal pages. Although, I have had an Amazon book in my hands and it works better than I was expecting. Yippee!

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