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Your closet needs to be a place of joy and celebration of who are you now - not who you were. ~ Stacy London

Let’s talk about how we tackle this closet job. Really and seriously everything needs to come out. Change of seasons makes this necessary and so what a perfect time to purge. I literally put all of my clothes from winter on the floor and touch every item before tucking away for the summer. After all of the de-cluttering I have done over the last few years one would think I would be down to the bare bones, but nope, not quite yet. I am a bit embarrassed to share this with you but I am all about being real so here is the latest tally.

  • 11 scarves

  • 29 pieces of clothing

  • 2 necklaces

How does one decide quickly what stays and what goes?

I ask myself, “Did I wear this, does it fit, and does it spark joy?” Is it itchy, pokey, too bulky, too big, too small? Am I hanging onto this item because of guilt, obligation, or memories?

I enjoyed sharing my Spring Cleaning talk with a dear group of about 100 ladies yesterday. We all have clutter. It comes in many different forms for sure; mind, body, spirit, and physical stuff. I hope that my confessions are also an encouragement. Getting real is the only way to be. I believe it’s the ticket to helping each other. No more air brushed, watered down, bogus, or pseudo ways of being; the “I’m just fine over here” mentality just isn’t helpful. We encourage each other by being open, raw, and honest. The battles we have been through can actually bless the next person because perhaps they are walking in the same shoes.

What closet will you de-clutter today? What about the cabinet of your mind? Or the locker of your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk?

Get real and get busy. Find the joy and celebrate!

Share something real with others right here and be an encourager.

You can do this!


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