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Lego Lessons

Legos…who’s have thunk it? I didn’t realize most everyone would be so attached to them. I post a photo of digging the Legos out from under the bed and everyone goes nuts on me. :-) The Facebook feedback was quite spirited. I even received a personal text from son #1, “I would hope you wouldn’t be throwing my Legos, those are for your grandchildren.” This exchange was pretty much the sentiment of many others commenting; which by the way was appreciated.

That evening I started lamenting about what am I going to do with them then. So, instead of dealing with the mass of plastic parts, I shoved them back under the bed. All of the encouraging words I received to keep these timeless treasures stopped me in my tracks. Even stopped me from starting to sort and store. I told my hubby that night, “This is one area I am not attached to. I don’t have good memories of my own when it comes to Legos growing up. I was not a creative architect kind of gal. I do have fond memories of the boys creating and the hours spent together with each other and friends. However, I also remember many a time the sensation when my foot stepped on the sharp corned buggers. The vacuum sucked a few up as well.” He simply smiled.

This whole exchange about the Legos made me consider; all of the stuff in my home isn’t just my stuff. I’m not the only one with memories. It’s not fair for me to make an executive decision on everything without consulting loved ones.

Compromise, I guess, is what you would call it. Meeting in the middle is another way of looking at it. A lot like relationships that are based on mutual love and respect. Yikes, is this another life lesson scattered within the clutter?

Compromise and respect. The word respect is a translation of the Greek word timēsate, meaning “honor or value.” It literally means “to place a great value or high price on something.” Let’s compare Legos and loved ones when it comes to this attribute of respect.

  • Legos—Value as an educational tool, entertainment, holder of memories

  • Relationships—Value as time spent together, sharing, communicating, compromising, loving, honoring, creating

  • Legos—High price, well, maybe that’s all that needs to be said. A lot of money invested in these many gadgets.

  • Relationships—Place a high price on what you want your interactions to reflect.

  • Legos and Relationships—Honor each other’s feelings in life and while decluttering.

Yep, here we go again. Learning about life everywhere I turn; underwear drawers, under the bed, and even among the Legos.

So, I guess my next step will be organizing versus decluttering. I will need to find some real cool under the bed containers!

Tell me what you’ve been working on; in your home, your relationships, or your mind…



Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. 1 Peter 2:17

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