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Spandex. Leopard. And Lace.

What is up with the underwear drawer? Why is this topic up for discussion?

When you are on a de-cluttering journey, what better place to start than in the underwear drawer I ask? Besides, it makes for a good title and catchy phrase. :)

Help! I’m buried in the underwear drawer…Let’s get real about our stuff. Here are some highlights from the talk I give to girls for inspiration and motivation.

Spandex, leopard, and lace

Spandex. Let’s get untangled girls. Who needs this confinement anyway? Who wants to be held back by the restrictions? Not me! It’s time to break free from the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that plagues (I would guess) most of us and keeps us in a state of procrastination, guilt or on a quest for perfectionism. And that names only a few side effects of a spandex mindset.

Leopard. It’s time to pull out our inner leopard and conquer daily. This requires awareness; the ability to seize the opportunity and take action. Make the decision to begin. Decide that you want more joy. Let’s say it together, “I am going to actively clean out mind and stuff clutter, starting today.”

Lace. Look good and feel good. Soft, feminine, classic, and gentle are all words I tie to lace. I also think of my gramma’s doilies. This brings up feelings and words like: homey, pretty, loved, safe, comfortable, and welcoming. I imagine one single item sitting atop a doily on the table with nothing else. The table is clear except this lovely display. My desire for you is to be clear, free, and lovely. Less is more. Live free my friend.

You can do this!

Ideas on where to start:

  1. Admit there are tangles

  2. Be aware of self-talk

  3. Dare to begin

  4. Purge stuff—start with a small area and set timer for 15 minutes

Nuggets attendees took away from the underwear drawer talk:

  • Self-talk…so powerful…stop the negative and capture it

  • Good look at what’s holding me back

  • I want to enjoy the journey

  • 15 minutes a day

  • Start with areas you are not attached to

Tell me where you have had success. Tell me where you have struggled. Tell me when you want to learn more. I'm in this with you.



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