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New Start

Are you ready for a new start? Don’t know where to begin? Let’s rock this out together in bite sizes. 2016 will be the year you conquer the clutter.

We talked last time about what motivates you and what challenges you would like to see. 15 Minute Purge Fests seem to be the most intriguing. And I agree this is a good one.

Scheduling time:

  • What is the best time of day for you to spend 15 minutes on de-cluttering?

  • Where will you start?

  • What room?

  • When will you schedule time in your date book or planner?

  • Are you really serious about seeing a change? If so, get your appointment book out right now and pencil in 15 minutes today, tomorrow, and every day next week. (Just a minute…I have to go get mine too.)

Right Amy, you may be saying. Where am I going to find time for that? Here are some ideas:

  • 15 minutes less of social media surfing

  • Pick up the phone instead of texting (quicker answer than an all evening text conversation)

  • Bring a pile of clothes to sort during a TV program (commercials could easily gain you 15 minutes in an hour show)

  • Keep track of where “all the time goes” for a couple of days and locate windows of opportunity

  • Delegate other household chores

Add below any other ideas you can share on how to gain 15 minute slots in your day.

I have worked in several areas since the beginning of the New Year. Remember; sometimes as you de-clutter you have a bigger mess for a bit. For me, it’s because I have to decide if I am going to donate items, find a new owner that I know could use it, or start working on selling. Then I must execute the decisions. During this transitional time, I designate an area or two that I can gather, sort, and store. I have a spare bedroom I use for this. I also gather small items in baskets until I bag them up for Salvation Army or other second hand store.

Want to join me in counting how many items you purge from your home? I would love to hear about your success. It’s exciting to see how it adds up. If you want to do the 2000 items in 2016 Challenge; you will need to do an average of 167 items per month. I’m currently at 97.

Tell me about the success you find in only 15 minutes per day as you get untangled and conquer daily so you can live free.

New Start; the opportunity is yours for the taking every day. Dare to begin.



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