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Challenge Met

Have you blogged lately?

The encouragement comes from all sources. Or maybe it was…”Uh, honey, how is that going anyway?” type of question and not really encouragement. Nonetheless, I used it as a kick in the rear. And I am thankful. Challenge accepted.

There are times in life when you have waited an extended period of time to do a task and soon it becomes easier not to do it at all. Like for example:

  • Should I send a sympathy card weeks or months after the fact?

  • How belated do you dare send belated birthday cards or thank yous?

  • I haven’t talked to a friend in months and really, how do I go about that first “break the ice” phone call or text?

  • Haven’t blogged in months? How embarrassing; what should I say??

Okay, so there it is. I humbly come before you with confession of letting my blogging go for an awkward span. I have all kinds of excuses; harvest season, preparing manuscript, helping hubby with his projects, impromptu December trip, etc. You know the drill. I flat out just haven’t carved out time in my schedule to sit down and write. My rule about anything and everything; if it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t get done. Is this not what I recommend for you all? Carve out time? It is. I apologize and am happy to report it feels good to be back.

So onward ho we go…now that the ice has been broken.

Challenge Met: 2115 items…yep, that’s right. My goal of purging 2000+ items out of my home in 2015 was reached on September 15. Oh, happy dance! I feel good about it. The change is not real noticeable from the outside. I find a difference in the storage areas mostly. More can be done...

Share with me a goal you reached in 2015; big or small. What did you accomplish with your de-cluttering? How did it make you feel? What motivates you? What comes next? These are questions I am asking myself as well. I want a challenge that motivates me the whole year through. After reaching the 2000 items, my purging slowed down immensely. And I know why this is; I lost my motivation because the destination was met. So let’s get back on the fired up engine. Can we choose a fun incentive together?

Here are some challenge ideas:

  • 2000 items in 2016 removed

  • 1 item a day for 40 days

  • 40 bags in 40 days

  • 50 items per month

  • 15 minute Purge Fests

  • New Year Kick-start Contest: Who can purge the most items in January

  • Love it, Keep it

  • Tame the Paper Giant—Paper System

  • Wardrobe Capsule (Serious closet reduction)

Tell me what stimulates you to action. What do you see for the space you live in? Visualize what that space looks like. How will you make it happen? When will you carve out 15 minutes a day to achieve your desire? What will give you a boost? Who will spur you on?

What should we start with? The idea that jumps out at me is the 15 minute Purge Fests. This could easily be combined with ALL of the other ideas. The place to start is to just start, get some momentum and enjoy the journey.

So let’s do it. January 1, 2016 assign a minimum of 15 minutes to an area. Examples: kitchen drawer, medicine cabinet, pantry area, sock drawer, 2015 files (I put my papers in an expanding file to save for tax reasons required 7 years ), magazine pile, and so on.

Here's something that may stimulate the motivation level:

You can eliminate 40% of housework by eliminating clutter. - POP! Fun fact.

I say, less housework, sign me up sista!

May you have a blessed last week of 2015 and planning of a kick-start to 2016. We can do this thing.


Matthew 6:19-21 “Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or—worse!—stolen by burglars. Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars. It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” MSG

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