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Spring Cleaning...with a shovel?

Shovel, for spring cleaning? Oh my! Well, maybe, just maybe. I did just use one for a dust pan last week as my daughter-in-law and I cleaned up Sheetrock remains after demolishing a small wall... Does this count as spring cleaning?

Definition from Wikipedia for spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. Spring cleaning is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter. The term is also used metaphorically for any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise.

What memories do these two words stir in your mind? Spring Cleaning. One that stands out for me was cleaning the china cabinet. Although, I wouldn’t call it a cabinet…I would call it a wall of cupboards. Cleaning out the china “cabinet” meant washing every single fancy dish in the cupboard…by hand. My sisters and I washed and dried each delicate piece. We then wiped the shelf and cupboard doors clean and made sure it was completely dry before replacing the precious items.

In my grumbling mind I thought, “This is absolutely ridiculous, is there a reason we have to wash these dishes we never use?” “If they are so precious, why don’t we use them?” “Why do we even own this china, tea cups and saucers, fancy serving plates and more salt and pepper shakers than any household could ever use?” It all seemed like a big waste of time. And really, it was. When we ever did use a dish out of there, we rewashed anyway because it had likely been months since spring cleaning had occurred. Crazy, that’s what I call it, crazy.

Maybe many of us had that thought. Crazy. Because I think this tradition in the spring has changed over the decades. I don’t hear too many of my friends talking about it. Stuff like washing walls down, dry cleaning curtains and things. I believe deep cleaning nowadays is in preparation for a big event; baptism/dedication, confirmation, graduation, weddings, family reunions and the like.

For me, it will be graduation in May. Besides cleaning, I have some fun painting projects in the works as well. (Thus the small remodel that required a multi use shovel.) I remember my dad saying that giving everything a fresh coat of paint in the spring was also part of the "cleaning".

Remember, all of this tidying up is easier with less clutter! Consider having a box or two ready to place items you do not love, do not use, or are broken so they can quickly leave your house.

So tell me, what task do you do for spring cleaning? Do you paint? Scrub? Top of cabinets? Inside cabinets? Knock out a wall or two?

Shovels may be required.

Rock it out,


P.S. By the way, I sold my china about 13 years ago. It had been sitting in boxes for many years already. It got moved along with us to our new home. Later I decided, if it hasn’t come out of the box in the last 7+ years, then it must be time to let it go. It was the china that I purchased before I was married. Does anyone remember the Super Valu promotions? Each week was a different piece of a place setting. It was kind of fun to accumulate.

Maybe someone else is washing it once/year just because it’s spring.

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